We are a digital development and design agency located in Israel. We fuse precision with persuasion to achieve remarkable results for ambitious brands. We build solutions from scratch for our clients, not only to help reach their digital goals but also to elevate their brands to new heights. For almost two decades, we have partnered with a wide range of brands and advertising agencies in Israel and around the globe, producing digital campaigns and websites in over 20 languages.


Since its establishment in 2004, activated.digital has been a leading agency that combines strategic thinking, creativity, and technical expertise to produce comprehensive digital assets that ultimately drive business success.

The agency offers a wide range of services, covering the entire spectrum of the digital world, from design to development, animation to video editing, hosting to optimization. This means that clients can rely on activated.digital to handle all aspects of their digital presence, ensuring a cohesive and effective online strategy.

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing landscape, efficiency is crucial. The agency recognizes this need and strives to deliver results quickly and effectively. By offering a comprehensive suite of services, activated.digital eliminates the need for clients to run between multiple service providers. Instead, they can rely on a single agency to take care of every aspect of their digital requirements.

Whether it’s creating visually appealing designs, developing functional websites and applications, producing engaging animations and videos, or ensuring optimal performance and visibility through hosting and optimization, activated.digital is dedicated to delivering high-quality digital assets that contribute to business success.

In summary, activated.digital is a full-service digital agency that understands the importance of blending strategic thinking, creativity, and technical expertise. By offering comprehensive services and focusing on efficiency, the agency aims to provide clients with integrated digital solutions that drive results in the fast-paced digital marketing world.

We’re immensely proud of the work our teams deliver alongside our clients and their brands: at the end of the day, our clients trust us and we take that extremely seriously. That being said, we’ll always challenge our clients – if it’s the right thing to do. We’re a digital developement agency that’s built on integrity.

Let’s thrive together.

We don’t work with only the biggest brands. Our clients include many small and medium-sized businesses, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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